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PT Kimbratas - Jual Watertreatment chemical dan Pembersih Porcelain
Kimia Industri Pembersih Serba Guna KB207
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Jual Kimia Industri Pembersih Serba Guna KB207

Spesifikasi Kimia Industri Pembersih Serba Guna KB207

KB 207 is a water based, environment safe, food-grade general purpose cleaner to penetrate, emulsify and disperse oil, grease, dirt and grime. Ideal for cleaning walls, floors, desks, light fixtures, automobiles, painted woodwork. Can also be used safely on metal surfaces such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass

Spray, mop, brush wipe, dip method are recommended. Use for mopping, floors & walls by diluting with water as required depending on surface condition.

Dilute with water depending on the cleaning work. Can be diluted up to 500 times

Handling & Precaution
Avoid spills on eyes. Should avoid prolonged contact with skin. May irritate when exposed for a longer period on certain sensitive skin. Harmful if swallowed.

Available in pail of 20 lt.. Can also be custom packaged.

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